(Unofficial sequel to Egg Sell Ant)


IN A WORLD where everyone has to walk long distances because the paths aren't wide enough for cars and no one has time to go to a tea shop to get their tea...
YOU PLAY AS a flying tea delivery drone

WHO CAN brew tea in the air and drop it on people's heads.

YOU MUST get people the type of tea they want

ON YOUR WAY TO becoming a tea delivery master.

IF YOU CAN get people their tea while other drones block your drops

THEN people will have the strength to walk all the way to their destination.

|||HOW TO PLAY:|||

Left-click to start the game. Move your delivery drone with your mouse, and left click to drop iced tea and right-click to drop hot tea.

This is the first time I've used GameMaker in around 18 years, so it took me a while to get back into it. I found it a little challenging, but I think that came from being so used to using Unity.


Game Engine: Game Maker Studio 2

Code: Game Maker Studio 2 Drag-and-Drop

Art: Game Maker Studio 2 and the Altercation character generator

Music: 1BitDragon


Created by Nathan Hahn

People art assets created with the Altercation character generator (https://ryanspetersongames.itch.io/altercation-character-generator)

Game title from Reuben (https://reubenbrenneradams.com/)

Thanks Craig Hamilton for lots of help in troubleshooting GameMaker (https://www.craigoryham.com/)

Made withGameMaker


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Best game maker drag n' drop game I've every played.