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For the 2021 iLRNFuser Game Jam, our team created a game to align with U.N Sustainable Development goal 2: Zero Hunger. 

Natalina, a farmer from Kenya, gets an alarming phone call! A swarm of locusts are heading towards her farm. Pesticides are no option and she is alone. She must defend her crops by picking locusts, setting rubbish on fire, and building a duck army to fend them off!

How to Play

This game requires Oculus Quest hand tracking to be enabled. For more information on enabling Oculus Quest hand tracking on your device, see the official Oculus Documentation.


This game uses the pinch feature of Oculus hand tracking. For accurate hand tracking, make sure that there is nothing blocking the view from your headset to your hands. For accurate pinching, point your palm upwards so that your pinching action is clearly visible by the Oculus Quest headset's cameras. If you pinch and that pinch is not directly visible because it is blocked by the back of your hand, the game will not register the pinch action.

To begin, answer the phone by putting your hand over the phone. After hearing the narration for the story, go outside by pinching the door handle. 

Once you are outside, you can hit locusts with your hand to make them temporarily fly away. You can also pinch locusts with your thumb and index finger to collect them and earn money. 

There are 5 stages to the game, each one increases the amount of locusts you have to fend off. 

In the first stage, you can pinch locusts to collect them and earn money.

In the second stage, you unlock the ability to use smoke. You can activate the smoke by touching one of the rubbish piles with your hand. When smoke is active, locusts will avoid landing near your crops. 

In the third stage, you unlock the ability to purchase ducks. Once you've collected KSh 700, you can purchase a duck. You can purchase a duck by touching the transparent duck in the center with your hand. Ducks will eat locusts that are coming near your crops. 

In the fourth and fifth stages, you can collect more money to purchase more ducks. Try to fend off the locusts and save as many crops as you can.

You can win by saving any amount of crops. There are 3 different endings depending on how many crops you save. 

After you win or lose, you can restart the game by holding your left thumb and pinkie fingers together for two seconds.

This game was created by Team Bugz:

  • {University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna} Beatrice Fuchs: Narration, Sound Effects, Background Research
  • {Northeastern University} Elijah Cobb: Locust and Duck models
  • {Northeastern University} Max Fortna: Boid AI system, Day/Night Cycle System
  • {George Mason University} Nathan Hahn (nhahn.works): Oculus Quest hand Implementation, Programming Integration
  • {University College Dublin} Zahid Iqbal: Background Research, Academic Paper


Code References

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Sound Effects:


LocustDefense.apk 92 MB

Install instructions

In order to play the game, you will need to sideload the APK to your device. Download the APK and use an application like SideQuest to install the APK on your device.


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