Play as an orca in search of...things. What happens once you get them all?

  1. Controls: 
    1. Turning: Left and Right arrows
    2. Move forwards: Up Arrow
    3. Use echolocation: Spacebar

Created for JuneJam 2022! Theme: Echoes. Very inspired by the Ecco the Dolphin series.


  1. Art
    1. "Swimming Whale" by Mepavi @ You're Perfect Studio, public domain
    2. "Rocket" by jagdos, public domain
    3. Other art created in
  2. Sound
    1. "Ocean Theme" by Wolfgang, licensed under CC-BY 4.0
    2. "A Journey Awaits" by Pierre Bondoerffer (@pbondoer), licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0
    3. "Rocket Launch Pack" by dklon, licensed under CC-BY 3.0
    4. "Static" by xhunterko, public domain
    5. Other sounds made in BFXR
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I really enjoyed this one!  The controls were smooth and the echolocation mechanic was fun.  Great job!