Made for Low Effort Game Jam 11.

I always wanted to try to make a quick deckbuilding game, so Rock Paper Scissors seemed like an easy template to build from. You build your deck from picking 1 of 2 choices of card given to you, and you get to see the opponent's card and select a card from your hand out of 3 to try to beat it.

Rock paper scissors is a game where playing perfectly randomly will get you a win rate of 50%. Humans cannot play perfectly randomly, and adding deckbuilding adds another layer of strategy for people as well. 

You get 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a lose in this variant. 

Created in Unity in ~2 hours.


Rock -

Paper -

Scissors -


Background Music:

Card Sounds adapted from:

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This is a pretty fun build for ~2 hours of work!  

What led to the decision of having the deck building be random?

This was for a Low-Effort Game Jam; so complete randomness made things easy to program lazily for the idea to still work.

And for's a weird game system. Playing against your opponent purely randomly will get you to a 50% win rate. In order to play best against your opponent, you would want to put together a deck which has a perfect balance of all 3 card types, so you can respond to any card that gets played. By only showing 2 at a time, you have to keep track in your head about the cards you've picked to get the best balance possible, it's the only actual challenge in the game experience.

This is a great challenge! It feels too random to want to push for master, but it's a fresh experience still. Nice!

This is a super neat idea. I'd play a roguelike rock-paper-scissors deckbuilder for sure!