A downloadable game for Windows

{Note: This game requires you to have a working microphone with your computer in order to play.}


  1. The horror of having to explain yourself to someone you just met in a period of time that simultaneously feels too short for anything substantial and too long to be comfortable
  2. The fear that one technical test may throw off the entire interview and leave a bad impression
  3. The dread of having to do it all over again for your next interview...
  4. And worst of all, the spine-chilling process of trying to figure out what went wrong by listening to your responses.

Press ESC at any time to exit.

Thank you https://juzek.itch.io/ for testing my game. All of your suggestions greatly improved the design of the game, and I implemented none of them.

Created with

  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Audio Recording: Audacity
  • Time: ~3 hours

This project can be found in my public repository for Low Effort Game Jam Submissions: https://github.com/heyacfox/LEGJ-Submissions/tree/main/SpookyInterview


LEGJ-SpookyInterview.zip 26 MB

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