A downloadable game for Windows

An endless runner which where you generate music based on your jump timing. A kind of "improvisation made easy" game. Can be played with either the Space Bar or MIDI Input. If you use MIDI input, you need to press a key that is in the right chord for the song that is playing.

Note on terms: the "S" in chord names stands for the # symbol. 

Includes the Video Game Voter Network diversifier which promotes the visibility & inclusion of diversity in gamer ethnicity, gender and age. The character you play as is determined randomly by a formula based on their statistics of occurance in the real world.

Global Game Jam 2017 Submission, was made with a team - https://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/waverunner


Waverunner.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

If you intend to play with a music keyboard, make sure that the midi keyboard input has been connected the computer and is working before the app begins. It may not work if the keyboard is plugged in after the app has already started.

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